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Software development

Mobile applications, web services, databases

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Mobile Application Development

We will develop an effective tool to achieve your business goals and objectives. Expansion of the sales channel, greater audience reach, increased loyalty and engagement. This and more can be influenced by the right application for your business.

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Development of online platforms and services

Move your business or service to the cloud. Make it simple and easy to manage. Affordable and efficient, this is the strength of our team.

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Business Gamification

We will develop and implement a system typical for computer games as a business process with the aim of attracting, retaining users and consumers, increasing their involvement in solving applied problems, using products, services.

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Audit software and applications

An important part of the application development process and the start of a new project is audit. Checking the finished project for the quality of program code, security. Analysis of competitors and the experience of related fields. To offer high-quality solutions based on the knowledge gained - this task is solved by an audit from our team.

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Team D.A.R.V.A.S. - this is ...
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Dynamically developing team.
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Deep and detailed analysis of your business and project.
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Focusing on results.
icon darvas variability
Variable decision making for the implementation of your project.
icon darvas automation
Automation of business processes.
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Project implementation with space velocity.


This application is designed to quickly search for instructions on industrial equipment supplied by the private enterprise Vector Technologies (Yaskawa, Lancor, UKZ-VT). There is a search for frequently asked questions during setup, error codes. Implemented feedback with technical support. You can order a call back.

vector mobile application main screen vector mobile application FAQ screen

The application shows you restaurants, based on their rating of dishes that are close to your liking, and also advises you on new food tastes that will appeal to you. For this, the application uses artificial intelligence systems based on your taste preferences. The application allows you to arrange delivery, pay, get directions, and much more for any type of gourmet.

RESTAURANT mobile application main page RESTAURANT mobile application login page

Spreo is an Indoor Navigation Application With Mapping grate solution, That built over the Google Maps. Spreo app offers accurate and affordable indoor positioning and navigation Services achieved through a signal - multi , patented provisional algorithm and intuitive Client back - end.

two screens of Speo mobile application

GoodDrive is an app designed to help novice drivers. It allows you to analyze the characteristics of the parking during each trip, measuring: - acceleration - braking - cornering.

Good Drive mobile application configuration screen Good Drive mobile application side menu

SmartBar — Application iOS | Android

Service for the restaurant business

The application allows you to inventory the bar and kitchen. Thanks to well-thought-out business logic, consisting of several parts, the functionality provides a huge range of actions which is constantly used in any restaurant or bar.

SmartBar mobile application sceenshots

Darvas - admin

WEB - administration platform

Software that allows you to analyze the activities of users in the system, provides work with data unloading from accounting and the movement of this data on different devices.

Darvas - admin web application sceenshot

Elastic Tester

Desktop analysis and control application

Diagnostic and adjustment system of technological equipment. Allows you to quickly diagnose a malfunction and problems in the work, as well as make adjustments and configuration. The system supports the OPC protocol, the most common data transfer technology in the industrial field.

Elastic Tester desktop application sceenshot

Teach control

Desktop application for automation

System of dispatching, monitoring and control of technological equipment. The system is implemented on a modular basis, which allows for the introduction of new equipment elements in a short time. The technology of data exchange is the OPC protocol - the most common solution in the industrial field.

Teach control desktop application sceenshot

Monitoring system for sagging bridges and tunneling quality. The system implements the ability to remotely collect data from a distributed network of sensors installed at a controlled facility. The received data is pre-processed and can be saved in various data formats. Pre-processing refers to a neural network data analysis conducted to search for alleged structural failures.

Bridge desktop application sceenshot

Oven cementation monitoring and control system. The system collects data on the concentration of gases in the furnace atmosphere, as well as temperature readings. Next, an intelligent calculation of the carbon potential is carried out according to the results of which corrective actions are performed. As a result of the introduction of this system at the facilities of enterprises, it was possible to improve the quality of products by 30%.

Clever Gascontrol desktop application sceenshot
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angular web framework logo


Angular presents a framework from Google for creating client applications. First of all, it aims at developing SPA solutions (Single Page Application), that is, single-page applications.

angular web framework image web framework logo


ASP.NET platform represents technology from Microsoft, designed to create various kinds of web applications: from small websites to large web portals and web services. web framework image
xamarin mobile crossplatform framework logo


Xamarin presents a platform that aims to create cross-platform applications for Android, iOS and Windows 10. Xamarin allows you to create one single application logic using C # and .NET for all three platforms at once.

xamarin mobile crossplatform framework image

Road to success

5 steps to the finished product

Start of work

In the beginning, there is your idea or task. We begin to communicate, ask many questions, draw mock-ups and draw up a functional description of the project. We sign a contract.

Creation of technical specifications and prototypes

The project manager, analyst and designer create application screens, scenarios of his work, work through to the details with you. Develop interactive prototypes that can be touched.


We are preparing the visible part of the application. We offer several design options. Choose your favorite and bring to the final form based on prototypes. The application takes on colors and shapes.


Now the most important part hidden behind the design. We write the program code, first, if necessary, the server part, then, according to the finished API and design, the client part. At the final stage of development, the tester carefully checks the project.

Ready application

Your project is ready! We give a year warranty on the product we developed. If you find any errors, we will correct them without fail! We transfer the intellectual property rights to the product to you.


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